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Create Your Own Bubs Mix (Bagged In One)

by Bubs
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Introducing the ultimate sweet sensation: Build Your Own Bubs Mix!

Join the craze that's sweeping the nation with our iconic Swedish sweets, Bubs pick N mix. Now, you have the power to customize your perfect blend of Bubs delights.

Please find below a list of delicious candy options to choose from:
- Sour Foam Bombs Tutti Frutti (zesty)
- Banana and Caramel Foams (creamy)
- Dizzy Bubblegum Skulls (100g) (tangy)
- Blueberry Oval Foams (100g) (luscious)
- Big Sour Skulls (100g) (intense)
- Sour Bolts (100g) (electrifying)
- Watermelon Oval Foams (100g) (refreshing)
- Cool Passion & Pineapple Skulls (100g) (exotic)
- Cool Cola Skulls (100g) (classic)

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Bubs:: Sour Foam Rombs Tutti Frutti 100G

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