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Suntory's Sparkling Ribena Donation: Strengthening Community Bonds Through Our Store

Suntory's Sparkling Ribena Donation: Strengthening Community Bonds Through Our Store

H and Jodie’s, the award-winning convenience store in Shelfield, has donated more than 12,500 bottles of Ribena to community groups, charities and food banks in Walsall,

Harjit Singh, who owns the shop in Spring Lane, was given 26 pallets of two-litre sparkling Ribena by Lucozade / Suntory to distribute to good causes.

And after a public appeal for people to nominate groups and charities that might benefit from them, the H and Jodie’s team gave away every bottle to 35 local groups, including Walsall Manor Hospital and New Cross Hospital, care homes and community centres. Walsall Council, with whom the store works on a number of charity initiatives, also nominated good causes.

Amrit Singh, H’s son, said it last gave away 20 pallets – each of which contains 1584 bottles – in December 2020 and was pleased to have worked with Lucozade / Suntory again to provide the community with some cheer.

“We have a great relationship with them and they know about our community work,” he said. “This time, a representative from Lucozade / Suntory came to the shop while we were giving away pallets and he spoke to volunteers at local food banks. He saw first-hand what an impact just donating pallets of soft drinks was having on these groups and was determined to see how the company could help further across the country.”

Over the past couple of years, Harjit and his family, who have won several awards for their charity and community work, have donated a range of goods to good causes, including thousands of flags to Walsall primary schools to mark the Coronation of King Charles II. Earlier this year, it also donated £1000 to the children’s ward at Walsall Manor Hospital, to help fund a play area.

In January 2019, H and his family also launched the High Heath Hub, a community space located in one of his retail units that provides a place for local people to get together. It hosts regular friendship cafés, cinema clubs and knit natter/craft sessions, while other activities include free CPR training, safety talks and free equipment from West Midlands Fire Service. 


Source: The Pioneer





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