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Pringles Hot Ones Los Callentes

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Pringles are the original fun stackable savoury American snack loved by children and adults. The classic Pringle jingle ‘Once you pop you can’t stop!’ is as true as it’s ever been! There’s a range of tasty flavours in this iconic range of crisps

Imported from USA.

Fragile product. Due to movement inside the Pringles tube, and atmospheric changes during the shipping from the United States, we cannot protect the crisps during transit. These are shipped at your own risk and may arrive with the crisps broken. We will not refund or replace any bent or "dented" tubes.


Dried potatoes, Vegetable oil, Corn flour, Corn starch, Rice flour, Sugars (maltodextrin, sugar, dextrose, corn syrup solids), Mono- and diglycerides, Salt, Potato maltodextrin, Malic acid, Monosodium glutamate, Citric acid, Paprika, Onion powder, Sodium diacetate, Modified corn starch, Modified palm and/or palm kernel oil (medium chain triglycerides), Spices, Natural and artificial flavour, Apple cider vinegar solids, Modified milk ingredients, Disodium inosinate, Disodium guanylate, Wheat starch, Tartrazine, Brilliant blue FCF.

Ingredients and nutritional information provided by manufacturer and considered accurate at time of posting. Refer to produce labeling or contact manufacturer directly for current data.