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Create Your Own Bubs Mix (Bagged In One)

by Bubs
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Introducing the ultimate sweet sensation: Build Your Own Bubs Mix!

Join the national craze with our iconic Swedish sweets, bubs sweets pick and mix. Now, you have the power to customize your perfect blend of Bubs delights.

Please find below a list of delicious candy options to choose from:
- Sour Foam Bombs Tutti Frutti (zesty)
- Banana and Caramel Foams (creamy)
- Dizzy Bubblegum Skulls (100g) (tangy)
- Blueberry Oval Foams (100g) (luscious)
- Big Sour Skulls (100g) (intense)
- Sour Bolts (100g) (electrifying)
- Watermelon Oval Foams (100g) (refreshing)
- Cool Passion & Pineapple Skulls (100g) (exotic)
- Cool Cola Skulls (100g) (Classic)

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Bubs:: Sour Foam Rombs Tutti Frutti 100G

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